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Stitch Alternative - Stripe to SQL

Stitch is a cloud based API to SQL syncing platform.

  • This page describes their Stripe integration.

tdog CLI advantages over Singer (Open Source codebase):

  • It is written in Rust (Singer is Python).
    • Very low CPU and RAM usage.
    • Binary runs natively on your system, and works as a "code archive" solution.
      • Python is notorious for having multiple package mangers and dependencies breaking installations across different CPU's and OS's.
    • Strong type assertions have a knock on effect to your SQL types.
      • JSON data passes through strongly typed code to your SQL database, so your code that reads from that SQL database benefits from the consistent types.
        • Python type errors by comparison must be caught at runtime.

tdog CLI advantages over Stitch (cloud based managed sync solution that uses Singer):

  • All the above, including:
  • Keeps data up to date in real time (instead of the 1 minute delay of Stitch).
  • Runs on premises so keeps your Stripe data secure and private.

Comparison grid

A detailed comparison grid can be found on the homepage (replace "Misc Cloud Sync Service" with "Stitch").