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Getting your Stripe data into Google Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner is a managed and database from Google.


  • Relational (SQL tables).
  • Unlimited scale, globally distributed.
  • Strong consistency.
  • 99.999% uptime.

Google Spanner supports two SQL dialects:

When you create your Google Spanner database you can choose which dialect to use.

Whilst the syntax between these two language's differ, they are both converted to the same internal Google Spanner programs/operations.

This means the Postgres code is not running on Google Spanner - they merely use the parser to convert SQL programs to their own internal Spanner code and then run that against the cluser.

tdog supports the Postgres wire protocol and query syntax, so you can use tdog by directing it at a Postgres Spanner instance.

See Download your Stripe data to a Postgres database.