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Getting your Stripe data into Retool via Postgres (or MySQL)

Retool is a web based tool that lets you build low code web apps. These web apps:

  • Are hosted by Retool.
  • Wrap underlying API and data sources.
  • Let you build web forms for:
    • Writing data to API's.
    • Create custom queries/filters.
  • Are targeted at business processes/admin interfaces.

Issues with their Stripe integration

They offer Stripe integration natively (, but there are some issues with this approach:

  • They only offer a thin layer over the actual HTTP API.
  • You cannot easily/efficiently list every item in a set as you will need to visit every paginated page each time you load your Retool UI.
  • You can only use WHERE filters that are supported by the underlying Stripe REST API.
    • You will need to peruse the Stripe API docs to understand the API parameters and then type them into the Retool GUI.
  • If you need to join data from other API's it will be very inefficient (one HTTP request per join, no caching).

Download your Stripe data to Postgres first to use the full SQL language.

`tdog` CLI -> Postgres OR MySQL -> Retool.

You can fix the above issues by writing your Stripe data to a SQL database first.

The tdog CLI can do this for you.

Try tdog for free against a Stripe test account