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Getting your Stripe data into Supabase

Supabase is a Postgres powered Google Firebase alternative.

Supabase chose Postgres rather than a NoSQL store:

Most notably, we use Postgres rather than a NoSQL store. This was a deliberate choice. We believe that no other database on the market offers the scalability and functionality required to legitimately compete with Firebase.

Issue: Getting your Stripe data into your SQL database costs developer time

See: Save dev time by using local SQL instead of faraway REST

Issue: Supabase provided Stripe sync code is experimental and incomplete

Supabase provide an experimental and incomplete codebase called the Stripe Sync Engine:

Some quotes from the repo:

Note: this is experimental. There are no guarantees that it will be supported in the future.

This will not do an initial load of existing Stripe data. You should use CSV loads for this. We might implement this in the future.

Only 17 out of 49 webhook events implemented.

Uses Node.js packaged with Docker

Exposes a /webhooks endpoint

By comparison tdog:

  • Does an initial load of the Stripe data using as high concurrency level as your Stripe account can take (large accounts downloaded as quickly as possible).
  • Does not expose a /webhooks endpoint, so it does not need a public webserver or uptime monitoring.
  • Supports close to 100% of event types.
  • Is compiled so has no runtime dependencies and stricter type assertions.

Try tdog for free against a Stripe test account

Fix: Use tdog to download and watch your Stripe data.

See Download your Stripe data to a Postgres database for details.